Agares Auto Attendant

Agares Auto Attendant 1.0

Agares Auto-Attendant automatically answers your Skype phone calls
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Agares Auto-Attendant automatically answers your Skype phone calls, playing pre-recorded messages that the caller can navigate through using their touchtone phone.
Using Agares Auto-Attendant means you can now present a very professional image to your customers each and every phone call.
Main features:
-It’s 100% free.
-Increases productivity, efficiency, and saves both time and money by keeping you and/or your employees working instead of answering the phone.
- Presents a professional and consistent image to your customers and clients.
- Replaces the need for a secretary to route calls. With Agares Auto-Attendant you can transfer calls to different phone numbers or departments easily.
- After hours calls are no longer lost or left just to an answering machine. Instead, your customers can get the information they need, or if they still need to leave a message they can do so.
- By using Skype, you will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year over landline phone bills.

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